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Solar Installation

The Ins and Outs of Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy is a great alternative energy source that is able to provide electricity that is cheap, and leaves a minimal carbon footprint on the environment. Continually increasing in popularity, solar panel installation is a way to bring greener energy to your home or business. In general, there are two main types of solar installations that can be completed in your home or commercial building. The first is called Solar Thermal Energy. This is usually used for heating water, whether in the home for bathing or cooking, or in commercial settings, such as to heat a public swimming pool. The second type, and more common type of solar installation, is called Photovoltaic Solar. This is the type of solar energy that is used to power your home or business. Most solar installations will be completed with photovoltaic solar technology.
In order to utilize solar power throughout your home or business, you must install solar panels to capture the sun's light, or photons. Panels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and efficiencies. Working with the solar experts will be able to help you determine what panels will work for your solar application. Panels can be installed as an array, spread out in an open field or flat landscape, or can be installed on the roof of your building. Solar panels are relatively light and non-obtrusive, and often blend seamlessly with your current roof lines. Installation experts will then work to wire your solar panels to any additional equipment, such as an inverter or battery. From there, your solar panels will be wired to your home so you can begin enjoying the benefits of green, solar power. Depending on the size of your application, most solar panel installations will take only a few days, so you can get your power up and running quickly.