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Off Grid Solar Installation

Options for Off Grid Solar Installation

Of course, some people choose to live an entire life fully dependent on solar power, and live completely off the grid. This means the home (or business) does not rely on commercially available electric. By switching to an off grid existence you leave a minimal impact on the environment, create a clean, green energy, and are able to live a life without utility bills. Often, off grid installations end up paying for themselves in just a short amount of time. If this sounds enticing, and you are searching for, "solar installation services near me" reach out our team, located in Cape Town, South Africa for installation advice and services.
Off grid solar installation can require different components to ensure that your home or business runs smoothly, without interruptions in electrical service. To do this, three main pieces of solar power technology are needed. First, as the sun's photons are converted into useable energy, the power coming out of the solar panel is measured as DC, or direct current. For most applications in the home, this isn't useful. A solar power inverter is necessary to transfer the DC power into usable AC power for your home. Secondly, some sort of battery supply is necessary to store the excess power created through solar power. Lithium batteries have proved themselves as the battery of the future, able to store massive amounts of energy with long battery lifespans. Every day battery technology is improving with batteries becoming larger, and more capable of storing electricity efficiently. Lastly, to completely go off the grid, you will need some sort of backup power technology in case of emergencies. Most people opt to have a generator installed for emergency situations.