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Commercial Solar Installation

Best Options for Commercial Solar Installation

Solar power is a great alternative energy source that is rapidly growing in popularity for its cheap production, installation, and green energy applicable to homes and businesses alike. Even if you own a commercial building solar installation may still be an ideal option. Often, commercial buildings have large, flat rooftops that provide the best opportunities for solar. The solar arrays, positioned on the building's rooftop, can capture large amounts of solar energy to help run your operations for a fraction of traditional utility costs. This means that your company can save money, and bring more revenue to the bottom line. Commercial building owners find their solar panels produce excess energy on a fairly regular basis, which can easily be returned to the grid for solar credit. Unfortunately though, the cost of purchasing several solar panels for such a large scale operation and building can deter commercial building owners from switching to solar.
Luckily, we offer a great solution for commercial building solar installation. With our easy rental agreements, it is entirely possible to have commercial solar installation completed, with very little money up front. Our rental agreements require no deposit or large down payment. This means your company's cash flow will not be impacted. Further, the rental finance service ensures that all the large equipment assets stay off your balance sheet. Because of this, you do not have to worry about the negativity of high gearing. Lastly, using our rental agreement is simple and easy. All the paperwork and configuring is completed by the rental service company which means you don't have to worry about it. You have a large business to run, so keeping your focus on managing a successful company is the key to success. Let The Solar Installation Guys of Cape Town, South Africa help handle your solar needs.