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Why move to commercial Solar?


HeCharles Fox Wines - Elgin:- this installation helps with the cost of driving the big water pumps in the production of their excellent winediiang C


What are the reasons for wanting to move to a Solar Solution for your commercial business - the answer is increasingly obvious

With power shortages, load shedding and higher rates, it makes complete sense to move to Solar Energy

Quite apart from the fact that your business earns kudos as a Green Company reducing your Carbon Footprint, Solar Energy gives  your business a competitive edge as you will be paying way less for energy than most of your competitors.

In addition there is :-

Section 12b of the Income Tax Act and 100% Renewables Depreciation allowance

As from 1 January 2016 Section 12b of the Income Tax act (South Africa) was amended from a three year (50% – 30% – 20%) accelerated depreciation allowance on renewable energy to an even quicker depreciation allowance of ONE year (100%) for registered businesses.

It simply means that your business becomes more sustainable, with branding credentials and higher profitability - its a no brainer! 


We are the go to alternative energy consultants, with a track record of effective cost effective commercial installations under our belts!


Japanese Marine Ships Suppliers - Cape Town:- The main aim of this system is to keep business operations, ie computer servers, lights and other essential loads on, in times of power outages.. with the addition of saving the business money!


In proud association with

Olifantsberg Winery- 

Worcester:- This  Grid tied system providing most of its power in the summer when essential  cooling  is needed during the  wine making process. 


Elsenberg - Stellenbosch Grid tied system that was installed in order to collect data iro savings and sustainability of the training centre

Why The Solar Installation Guys?

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As Solar Installers, we are reliable, experienced and have an established track record with a dedicated Commercial Installation and design team.

We are the team that larger Solar companies subcontract, - why pay more for the same team?

Our technicians will consult with yourselves to examine and determine your energy requirements and work out the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your business. 

We manage and maintain your Solar Power System and, as we only use components with a proven track record, you can rest assured that your system is tailor made for you businesses requirements.

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Some of the questions that we recieve:-

I lease or rent my building - what happens if we move? - The solar system can be moved should your business move.

What are the tax implications, can my business get a tax rebate? - Yes in most cases the entire investment can be claimed within the first year of installation.

Is the Solar System, its components and the workmanship guaranteed?  Absolutely, we offer a two year workmanship and maintenance service, The components are guaranteed for between 5 and 25 years depending on the type of components themselves.